Feng Shui Bagua Map - Family Area Harmony

There are three ways you can enhance an area of the bagua map. As I created this published gift for my Mom, it got me thinking about the Family area of our homes, so let’s use the Family area of the Bagua map as an example.


1 – THE COLOR for that area is GREEN (any shade).
2 – THE ELEMENT is WOOD and element shape is RECTANGULAR
3 – THE LITERAL MEANING is about our immediate and extended family units, as well as groups we get together with that are like our family.

So when working with the Bagua map, you can infuse energy into that area by adding any one the three. For example, photos of literal family, current as well as ancestral or just artwork/photos of “groups” – think togetherness here; any knick-knacks or items with the color green, a vase, sculpture, etcetera. Plants are considered a wood element so those are great (upward growing are best, not all downward). Wicker is another example of the wood element.

Feng Shui Bagua Map Family Area - Green Elements
Feng Shui Bagua Map – Family Area examples and ideas

You also want to accentuate your Feng Shui cures based on what room actually is so it feels natural within the environment. For example, if your Family area is the living room perhaps choose a wood coffee table. (if you have a glass or metal one there, add some wood elements on top). Maybe some green throw pillows. If your family area is a bedroom, consider some green linens, or towels if it’s a bathroom*. If it’s the dining room, maybe some green or bamboo placemat settings. Also, any artwork with the colors or elements is beneficial as well. (*note, do not add more blues/blacks or more water element to a bathroom).

So take a look around your home and notice the colors and the elements within things you currently own and shift a few things around to get more energy flowing in this area.
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How to Enhance an area of the Feng Shui Bagua Map – Family Harmony
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