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Feng Shui Cures Bagua Map

Ornamental – literally! ‘Tis the season every December which is a festive time of year all over the world. And while all the stores are lined with isles of Christmas ornaments to adorn your tree, if you look closely enough you will instead find a treasure trove of Feng Shui items.

Over the years Christmas decorating has totally changed–it’s modern, it’s elegant, it’s chic. There’s a color palette and theme for every style of décor in this modern day HGTV world we live in. Good-bye are the days of standard uniform colors of only red and green, or symbols like candy canes, reindeers, Santa and Frosty. Hello to ALL the colors of the rainbow, or wink, wink, the BAGUA MAP!

If you take a close look around there are ornaments nowadays in every color, many shapes and symbols of all kinds that can be repurposed for Feng Shui. So shhhh…If placed in your home out of context you would never know it had anything to do with a holiday.

Glass Ornaments

We use what we call cures, or rather remedies in Feng Shui, to help offset any imbalances of Feng Shui to help lift the Ch’i (energy) and get it flowing more gracefully in your home and thus in turn, your life. Take a look around your home and life – where are things feeling blocked, where do you need a little lift?

In selecting an appropriate cure, which as a side note, it’s not a magical fix even though the Feng Shui industry uses that buzz word, it’s really to offset of energy to help you weather through life more supported and help move things along more swiftly to what you desire most.

You can use either the color of the Bagua or the symbol of what that area of the Bagua is about. And even if you don’t use the Bagua at all, a few simple hanging pieces by the front door or anywhere in your home will help lighten up and lift your energy and mood.

Round glass ornaments
A beautiful range of Bagua Map colors!
Feng Shui Cyrstal - Bagua Map Cures

There are still a few places where you would want to use a specific round cut Swarovski type Feng Shui crystal, like when a front door is in alignment with a back door or a window for protection if needed. However, anywhere else, anything goes! Hanging other items like wind chimes, ornaments of all kinds and basically anything that you feel connected to from above can be a great way to lift the energy in that area of your life and help get things flowing on the “wind” level of Feng Shui. Literally translated Feng Shui means “wind” and “water” so good flow on both levels of your space can really get things moving in your life.

So “look up”, get creative and go for it! But remember don’t go overboard. Good Feng Shui remedies should fit in and feel natural with your environment for best results….all year round! It’s just December can be a good time to buy 🙂
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How To Apply the Feng Shui Bagua Map PDF eBook
Ornamental Feng Shui

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